This Space for Rent

2BR/1BA./Lg Living & Dining Rooms/15

For christmas, I decided to build a dollhouse for the bears. As expected, this turned out to be a huge time-sink, and it's come to the night before christmas and I've run out of steam on it (thanks to the yearly round of the Portland Flu.) But, aside from the lack of an attic, stairs,the chimney, and various fiddly bits that I'm going to try and glue in before I go to sleep tonight, it's pretty near finished. Aside from the fasteners, it is completely made from recycled material -- most of the floors and wallpaper are from SCRAP, and the wood is from pallets and a box of scrapwood from the Joinery.

The living room is carpeted from a sample book I scavenged when I was working as a systems administrator about 8 years ago. The fireplace is made of glass tile from the SCRAPbox, and a stick of walnut wood from the Joinery.

A wooden tile floor, courtesy of SCRAP.

The granite tile in the kitchen is from you know where. The wood frame of the doors here (and in every other room of the house) are made from sticks of maple that have been cut into a U shape to fit around the walls and wallpaper.

The bathroom has blue wallpaper and blue and green vinyl tiles.

The main bedroom has more brightly-colored vinyl tiles.

The wallpaper in the Elephant Room is from a roll of Laura Ashley trim paper that we got at a rummage sale for US$1. The floor is linoleum tile from, yup, you guessed it, SCRAP.