This Space for Rent

Was it a Rovian whackjob?

Now that Bernard Kerik has withdrawn his name from consideration for Captain Terror! Alert!™ under allegations of

  1. mob connections
  2. using a patronage job in Iraq as a way to avoid paying for temporary accomodations while having his house renovated
  3. two simultaneous affairs
  4. using a secret NYPD executive apartment
  5. with security guards paid for by the city,
  6. Did I forget the Riker's Island corruption scandal?
  7. Or the Saudi security-as-thug gig?
  8. Or the tax scandal?
  9. Or abandoning a Korean child?

Does anyone seriously think that the legions of Evil Monkeys that work for the Coward in Chief just didn't discover any of this during their loyalty check?

My guess is that Karl Rove decided that Rudy Guiliani was a threat to his plans for ongoing control of the Evil Party, and that the best time to deliver a horsehead would be when Rudy showed up with this IOU from the 2004 "election."

It's the gift that keeps on giving; Rudy Guiliani is, um, not the most subtle thug in the gang, and he's just the person to not notice (or notice, but not care) that his hand-picked lieutenants have trouble walking because they keep having to stop to pick up the bodies that keep tumbling off their shoulders. Karl, on the other hand, really really wants to be Sauron, and he doesn't want anyone from a liberal state tainting the New American Fascism.

If someone with this heaping baskets of scandals was affiliated with the Coward in Chief, it wouldn't matter. Because there are, and the Evil Party is able to bring out armies of flying monkeys to cow the SCLM into submission whenever any of this dirt comes out. So far, there's been, um, not a peep from these defenders of Evil Party purity.

Bye, Rudy! I hope you enjoyed this episode of Honor among thieves as much as the other thieves did!