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So, what’s all the hurry about?

It's only been a month and a few days, and they use electronic tabulators, so it's not surprising that Ohio still hasn't finished counting their ballots. After all, it's not as if it matters who gets the 20 electoral college votes, or if any recount happens before the Ohio leg "certifies" the results for the Coward in Chief. I'm certain that -- after the 20th of January -- that the US Government will get right on the 2,000,000 lucky coincidences that just happened to swing important states (that. by another set of happy coincidences, just happen to be run by Evil Party apparachniks) over to the Evil Party. These investigations won't change the outcome of the vote, of course -- if they had to unseat an unelected tyrant, why, that would completely destroy Democracy™!!! -- but any irregularities will be tut-tutted over by the gang of thieves and moral degenerates who now control all three branches of the Federal Government.

For what it's worth, Canada uses the clumsy old system of paper ballots and hand-counting, and it's such a terrible system that they're able to get the count done in a matter of hours after their elections are over. But they're just Canada, and they still persist in the naive dream that democratic elections are worthwhile.

update: Oh, look, Ohio finished certifying their "vote" this morning. Does this mean that the shredders finally broke down?