This Space for Rent

Dark night+Camera+Idle hands

Space Aliens?

Christmas tree or Alien War Machine?

More Space Aliens?


Those are really cool! I might have guess a xmas tree for the one in the middle, but I haven't figured the others out. They are shiny, though. :)

Lynn Dobbs Thu Dec 2 01:14:11 2004

The first and last picture were taken from the rear stepwell of a bus going home from work. The first picture is of a former industrial park that's being remade into blocks of upscale condominium towers (think Vancouver, CA, except that it's pinned between a freeway and a river); the last picture is of I-5 from a bridge.

As you can tell, a New Flyer lowfloor bus is not exactly the smoothest running transit vehicle on the planet.

David Parsons Thu Dec 2 12:40:54 2004

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