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Photos coming and going

I rode the #70 bus up to Milwaukie & Powell this morning, and was looking out for locomotives as the bus passed Brooklyn Yard. Just north of the Tri-Met busbarn, I saw a freight parked on (and blocked by) the other side of the PG&E materials yard -- I armed the camera, held it as close to the top of the bus as I could, and started clicking away like mad. Most of the pictures were not worth keeping, but I got one almost perfect (if you ignore the clipped nose and the angle of the camera[fixed with gimp 2.0]) shot of a UP engine with the full American Flag treatment.

On the way back from work, I flipped the camera to manual operation and played around with some of the camera settings to see how well pictures would turn out at night.

When doing slow exposures, it's pretty much impossible to keep the camera steady even when I'm propping it against a lightpole. The moon is not, despite photographic evidence, actually egg-shaped.

And you may not be able to tell when it's daylight, but the Big Yellow House is actually very yellow. When you prop open the shutter for a second, the yellow tends to leap out at you.