This Space for Rent

They can run, but they can ’t hide

After the Evil Party "won" the election (close enough to a real win; when you can get +3 million from the bigot vote, the teeny detail of thousands of lucky electoral concidences is somewhat overshadowed), the self-proclaimed followers of Our Father Who Puts The Boot In™ came boiling out of the woodwork, doing their little charismatic victory dances and demanding their pound of flesh right now!, over and over and over again.

A few days passed, a few scalps were taken (in the case of that self-proclaimed "moderate" Pennsylvania senator, I'd say it wasn't his scalp that was taken, but a couple of somethings located rather lower on his body), and all of a sudden a steady stream of Evil Party hacks started to say "why are you nasty liberals trying to say that the homophobes and Dominionists won the election for us? Everybody knows that they don't vote for the Evil Party and you're just being mean to us by claiming that they did." Really. You don't say. So the charismatic victory dances are simply a figment of our antiquated reality-based worldview?

Uh, no. Nice try, though. You don't get to only get away being the pro-torture party, you also get to keep the bigots, the thieves, and the sociopaths. They're sitting outside, and they want their treats. And they want them now.

I'll be sitting up here in my blue county, ready to give the thumbs down. Have fun! Please forget to write!