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Railroad picture of the day

I'm taking a break from watching Bambi vs. Godzilla, and pulling pictures off my A60.

Today, I took the Sellwood Shuttle down to Powell and Milwaukie. The Sellwood Shuttle is basically the south half of the #70 bus, so it goes up 17th Ave past the ex-SP Brooklyn yards, so there is often a transfer freight waiting for clearance, or an intermodal freight waiting for clearance to go to points north. Today was no exception; at the north end of the Tri-Met Center street carbarn, I saw a line of freight cars, and set up the A60 just in case something interesting was at the head of these cars.

There was! An ex-C&NW engine was just poking its nose out in front of a tree. It's been 9 years since the Lumbering Behemoth of the West™ ate the C&NW, but, in full(ish) yellow and green glory, sat a big C-C diesel, waiting to go.