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They probably think this is good customer service

A couple of months ago, I bought a little motherboard on ebay, and, as eventually happens to just about anybody who participates in auctions, I got ripped off. I did the usual routine of complaining, first to the seller (who blew me off, of course) with ebay (who sent me a note saying that they wanted to protect my buying experience and they'd be certain to investigate the issue. This, of course, is the last I've heard from ebay about this matter), with p*yp*l, who blew me off by saying hey, you got a package! It's not our problem! Why don't you just fuck off and die!, and finally with my outdated old technology credit card company Citibank, who, being a bunch of old fuddy-duddies who don't get the bold and exciting new! internet! world!, actually appeared to want to do something about the ripoff.

This morning I saw a piece of mail in my inbox from p*yp*l, whining bitterly about how unfair it is that I should run to my credit card company without trying to work it out with p*yp*l first (presumably because the bank doesn't love me, but just wants a nasty old financial relationship instead.)

Ho. Ho. Ho.

If p*yp*l wants me to work with them instead of with my bank, a good first step would be to stop sending me email that says don't bother to respond, we never read your mail.