This Space for Rent

The latest bit of carpentry

Is a little workbench for the bears. It's going to have a linoleum top (made up from linoleum samples from SCRAP in North Portland), the wood is yet more scrapwood from the now-demised deck. As an experiment, the only metal fasteners on this workbench are the nails I used to hold the top on while I was gluing it up (and I'm probably going to put metal angles over the top edges, so they will need nails to hold them in place); everything else is held together with glue and wooden pegs.

In case you're wondering, yes, I'm sanding down the wood so the ugly deck color won't be visible anymore.


Vinyl glue is a real pain; it's sticky enough to get all over my hands, and thus all over the top of the linoleum panels, but not quite sticky enough to keep the panels butted up against each other. At least this is a worktable, so it doesn't matter quite so much if there are some mysterious gaps in the surface.

But at least the top is all glued on, and tomorrow it may be done.