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Not in shape anymore

Since today was nice, I decided that I would ride my bicycle in to work this morning. It's a little less than 5 miles, and it took me a whopping 40 minutes. 8mph average speed? Tour de Banana Slug here I come!

The really sad thing is that the first mile was averaging about 15mph, the second was down to 10mph, and it just kept going downhill from there. The piddly little headwind (1mph, gusting to 2mph) and the arduous 65ft hillclimb at the end of the trip didn't help much either.

Oh, well, tomorrow will be faster; I expect that I'll be able to cut it down to about 25 minutes in a couple of weeks (the last half mile is through city streets, so even if I suddenly got real bike racer legs and lungs I'd still be stuck plodding through traffic lights and dodging potholes for the last bit of the trip), which is probably as fast as I'll ever be able to do it.