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Test another one.

To see if I can do more than one comment per message.


Okay, so now all of a sudden scandir() isn't sorting directory entries.

David Parsons Mon Apr 19 00:13:35 2004

Yuk. Apparently not.

David Parsons Mon Apr 19 00:14:37 2004

1) comment bombs when trying to reindex, so the last comment doesn't get written to the index.

2) need a [home] button at the top of the individual article page (actually need a <- [last article] [home] [next article] -> menu, but get the other stuff working first.)

3) need to themify the individual article pages.

4) xmlpost/get stuff for point and drool clients.

David Parsons website Mon Apr 19 00:25:59 2004

So #1 and #3 are fixed, which is something.

David Parsons website Tue Apr 20 12:10:50 2004

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