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Deep Thoughts, by Silas

Here are a few funny things Silas has said lately.

First, he is a little confused about what "privacy" means. Russell sometimes wants his door shut when he's getting dressed, and we've explained he wants some privacy. Silas hovers near the door or tries to open it, clearly BURSTING with curiosity and envy: what wonderful thing is he missing out on??? It turns out that he has concluded that "privacy" must mean something like "special" or "personal". The other day he kept insisting to me that he was going to color a picture with his privacy markers.

Another time, he was burying me in sofa buckos (pillows), and I broke through with my arm and remarked that I wanted access to the open air. "No, CLOSED AIR," replied Silas, restacking the pillows over my face.

His sentences, while not strictly perfect, are getting longer and more complicated. A typical one I wrote down this week: "The handles of all these things not got wet, so it's perfectly not wet."

He still almost always expresses past tense as "did ", e.g. "I did run over there and I did fall."

The letter S is still pronounced like a Y or a T, and various other consonants are still a little eccentric. He is particularly fond of criticizing the yun (typical Portlander). A few days ago he was grumbling in the back seat of the car, "Go 'way, yun. I will tuller da yun wif a black trayon."

Cute little bobo.