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Important Bear Work

The bears are playing vet with the stuffed animals. This mostly involves examining them, talking to them, and covering them with scotch tape in key areas. Russell has just advised the puppy with the broken leg not to run for a while.

R: Oooh, big crocodile bite on this one.

S: That's where it got bitten.

R: None of these bandages are permanent.

S: Oh, a tiny animal! (flying it around, singing:) Oh, I'm a little jet plane, flying through the sky... I can turn into an animal or a little jet plane.

R, to lizard: Wow, you've had bad scars!

R: Oh, this guy. Broken...

S (great concern): Broken where?

R: All over. This is gonna take a lot of bandage.

S: A lot of bandage.

(much scotch taping)

S: Oh, a T Rex! A very very dangerous T Rex. I'm holding him by the neck.

R: Let's see. He needs a bandage! Let's check you out. One thing I always have to do with T Rexes, I have to give him a log to chew on. (puts block into T Rex's mouth) Hold him, Silas! Hold his mouth shut! I'm having trouble. (tapes over eye) Oh, that eye is actually hurt. Guess what, I'm giving him a blind thing (eyepatch?). I found that all of his teeth are rotten! (tape on all teeth) I'm giving him temporary jaw ecrasers (?) which is something that doesn't hurt, which just covers up your teeth, kind of, and it's perfectly safe.

S: You know what I found in this place? A pirate sword! I was trying to break it so the pirate who owns it won't be able to use his sword!

(S wanders away, then comes in with some giant germs) They're worm germs, and worm germs are a kind of thing which kills animals, so we must be careful.

R to T Rex: OK, checking... ok, you're good, down you go!

R: Spot? Here, boy! "Woof, woof!" He just stood up, which probably means he's happy. This might hurt him (scissors cutting tape), but it will be okay.

S: Russell, Dust Mite needs two bandages. He needs some surgery. I'm putting bandages on the parts that needs surgery. I put a bandaid on the eyeball, which needs surgery. ("yurdery")

etc., etc.!

—julie Fri Dec 22 20:28:04 2006


hello, i'm here via alice at finslippy, and i'm totally with you on the meal advice. especially the part about making them wait so you can find out if the food is really on the reject list. happy holidays!

islaygirl Sun Dec 24 06:24:24 2006

thisis bad

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