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Silas asked me today, in his thoughtful way, "Does everybody die?"

I answered with some standard mom reply, probably something like, "Yes, most people die when they're old and some people die when they're younger, but everyone dies."

Silas wanted further clarification: "Do even people who own grocery stores die?"

I guess maybe to him, control of the bagels and goat cheese and ice cream is the ultimate in power.

—julie Fri Oct 13 22:43:02 2006


Or, possibly, he’s hoping to inherit a grocery store (all the ice cream and bagels and goat cheese will be MIINE! ha ha ha!) and is just making sure that this is possible.

Beth Red Mon Oct 16 10:10:26 2006

I'm wondering where he came across the concept that somebody owns a grocery store? I'm remembering a similar age Bear incredulous that her new father was a teacher: “That’s funny. Teachers can’t be fathers!”

Silas is a deep one!

GrandMom Tue Oct 17 20:35:44 2006