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...that's the word I'd use to describe Silas these days.

Lately he has taken to explaining what he wants in excrutiating and sometimes bizarre detail. He often says that for snack he wants "two things from the cabinet" or "something from the refrigerator" or whatever, even when he has no idea what is in that particular location that day.

My favorite was when he went to get a pair of socks from his drawer, came back with three pairs, and instructed me, "I want you to say to me, 'Which socks do you want to wear?'"

He likes our new cats very much, especially the kid-loving, ultra-tolerant Leo. His way of expressing his affection can be a little strange, though. He likes to show Leo Lego constructions he's made and tell him about them. I often come across Leo lying down, napping, carefully decorated with small, lightweight objects. For example, on Wednesday Leo was lying on a rug in the upstairs hall. Next to him Someone had placed a fire engine and a pirate ship. A fire truck ladder was lying alongside his tail. Near the tip of his tail was a squeeze toy. Between his paws was a fluffy soft ball. On top of him, on his flank, rested a Lego person and the head of a Lego knight. Silas was long gone; Leo napped on.

—julie Sat May 13 23:32:47 2006


3/26/1968 I find Anna on her back on the bed where I left her, but I see Julie has been and gone: a thimble has been neatly placed on Anna’s belly button.

Mom Sun May 14 18:06:43 2006

How interesting. What is it “they” say about what goes around comes around…

Lynne Mon May 15 13:37:37 2006