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The Ultimate Showdown

Russell and I were looking at a book with lovely pictures of trees and streams and things. "I like Mother Nature," Russell said.

I said, absently, "Mmmm," thinking, kinda sappy, but cute.

He looked thoughtful, then added, "I think Mother Nature could beat God."

(It frequently comes back to superheroes at this age, but that was a new twist.)

—julie Thu Apr 20 23:26:25 2006


I hate this blog.

russell Tue Nov 20 11:50:42 2007

Erase it now.

russell Tue Nov 20 11:52:24 2007

I hate it.Erase it now.

russell Tue Nov 20 11:55:18 2007


drtdtdfvdfydvyftty Sun Nov 25 09:54:33 2007