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Preschool Fashion Tips

At Russell's preschool, the kids have been running the Hawthorne Family Salon this month. Mostly they put wigs on the parent helpers and curlers in the wigs, and smear smelly lotions on themselves. Sometimes they do things to their fingernails or toenails, something Russell hasn't seen much of in this household.

The other day Russell realized he could decorate nails at home with a magic marker. He colored in his nails, Silas' nails, and my toenails (I dodged the fingernail coloring by claiming I couldn't have it done because I was making dinner). Then it was kind of quiet for a while (cue ominous music).

Eventually, Silas came trotting into the kitchen. He had orange ears. Yes, both ears were carefully and completely colored orange. It really looked pretty cool. I can picture it becoming a fashion among twenty-year-olds.

I love picturing Silas patiently holding still while Russell colored his ears.

Thank goodness they didn't get the scissors out. Hmmm, maybe I should hide them during salon month...



I salute your equanimity and calm!

And I'm mildly afraid you're probably right about the 'fashion among twenty year olds' part -- long shelves of ear-dye in the drugstore, blending invisibly into the shampoo....

Graydon Wed Mar 2 05:22:08 2005

Hey! You ARE the Graydon I used to know! Google tells me so, and Google knows all. How the heck are you doing, and how on earth did you stumble on my obscure weblog?

Julie Fri Mar 4 00:39:25 2005

I am embarrassed to admit that I don't entirely remember how I stumbled on your weblog; a chain of links starting from somewhere in the Making Light ( ) sidebar, but I don't recall just which links.

I'm doing pretty well, all in all. Just mail-ordered a bagpipe from a fellow who is (if my US geography isn't worse than usual) fairly near you. (707 area code, which appears to be south down the coast.) Working at ATI; writing erratically. (Eratically connects to the working part.) Looking forward to the resumption of cycling season. Decidedly single.

Had forgotten how much I liked Orc's rants.

Graydon Fri Mar 4 16:05:09 2005