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Future Veterinarian

Our cat Suzzy has been throwing up pretty frequently for a while now. One vet had us trying some vague ideas about switching food, but nothing seemed to be improving much, so we took her to another vet instead. That vet gave us a lot more detail about what could be going on, and took a blood sample to test for thyroid problems, kidney problems, etc. Today she called back and said the blood work was normal, and told me exactly what foods (like meat baby food!) to feed Suzzy for a few days, and explained what we'll do next.

A little later I told Russell all that, and about how the vet was going to help us try to figure out what was wrong with Suzzy's tummy and how to make her better. I guess Silas was listening, because he made his suggestion: "Take peel off cat and look inside." (Actually, "tate peel off dat and wook inyide.")

I called David up and told him that and we agreed we weren't too sure that course of treatment would be popular with the cat.



Ah, peeling cats.

When I was a child my mother brought home a cat to dissect in the basement of our house. Which she did. All the way down to the skeleton, leaving our basement smelling of formaldehyde. Biology in high school was not the pleasant experience it might have been otherwise ...


Oh, and I enjoyed your comments about Shadow. It was once a very nice package. Then, like all good things it sort of died under the weight of neglect by someone with strong architectural views. Mostly because my current employer wouldn't allow me to maintain my own software since I was doing the same sort of things for them and getting paid. But I digress.

Julie Haugh Fri Feb 18 09:06:54 2005