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(Here's the Russell life summary I described in the post below. As usual, if you click on a photo, you'll get a larger, more detailed version.)

Russell was born about 5 years ago, on December 21, 1999. December 21 is the shortest day of the year, but when Russell was born it was a bright, sunny day. Russellís parents named him Russell because they liked that name and because Davidís grandfather was named Russell. This is a picture of Russell the day he was born, and here are some pictures of him as a baby. He was very alert and very snuggly. Before Russell turned one, he learned to recognize people, sit, eat, and crawl.

When Russell was one, he loved to hear stories, go to the park, and play with friends. He learned to walk and talk.

When Russell was two, he became a big brother to Silas. He went to the beach in Oregon and then in North Carolina. He still loved stories and he learned a whole lot about trains. He decided his favorite color was green.

(Photo credit note: my uncle John Williams took the wonderful picture of Russell in the red and white shirt.)

When Russell was three, he started going to playschool. He liked going places and doing things. At home, he especially liked to build railroads and buildings and play Bucko Rucko with Silas. His doll Pinata came to live with him. He had the chicken pox.

When Russell was four, he built a snowman when it snowed. He went to Seattle and North Carolina with his family. He started a new year at school with Teacher Jory. He still loved trains, building, books, and the color green. He liked to do crafts projects and rake leaves and ride his bicycle at Grandmaís house.

Russell turned five on the shortest day of the year. When he is five, he will go visit his Grandmom, Grandpa Steve, Great-Gram, and (we hope) Grandpa George in Pennsylvania. He hopes he will build another snowman. In the fall he will go to kindergarten. He will teach his brother how to do a lot of things.