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"I yaw eh-wuh-phant"

Here are a few cute pictures of Silas from a zoo trip he and I took together.

Five days after that trip, Silas went out with Metta for the morning. Later that afternoon I was asking him about what they'd done.

J: Did you go to Bob's Red Mill?

S: I wike Bob Wed Mill.

J: Yes, I know you do. Did you go there with Grandma today?

S: I want go to Bob Wed Mill.

J: You really like Bob's Red Mill, don't you? Were you there with Grandma this morning?

S: Yuh.

J: (trying to figure out if he actually was there) What did you see there? (expecting to hear about the big water wheel he likes, or the pond)

S: I yaw elephant.

Later he elaborated, "I yaw elephant at the zoo."