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We give thanks for parades

Hey, if you think I'm slow getting this post up, wait till I post the Halloween pictures in January. (You think I'm kidding?)

The day after a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat [™ Alice's Restaurant], we went to the Thanksgiving parade downtown. We missed one bus, so we waited at the bus stop quite a while.

Then we found out the next bus involved a transfer we hadn't counted on, so I was starting to work out what line I'd use if we missed the parade completely. But, to quote one of my favorite books (Minims), fortune favors the lucky, and we got off the bus just as the start of the parade came up the street.

It was fun. I always like the llamas best (they are in every Portland parade!), but the kids, of course, like snowmen and trains.



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Please put Couch in the subject line, as i filter everything to junk mail.

Thanks for your help.

Shane Mon Dec 20 12:47:51 2004