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Seal of approval

We went to SCRAP the other day with Russell and Silas to get tile samples for David's projects, paper for collages and paper chains, and whatever else caught our eyes. Naturally, the kids, having the magpie gene from both sides of the family, love to go to SCRAP. They each get a shopping basket and collect treasures in it, then we evil authority figures review them and put most of them back before checking out.

Anyway, as Russell darted happily around with his loaded shopping basket, he and David had the following conversation:

D: You know, Russell, we're going to have to approve the things in your basket before we buy them.

R: Approve them?

D: Yes.

R: You mean, look at them and think they're very nice?

I had to hold off on snickering long enough to explain he meant a different kind of "approve". I see Merriam Webster gives Russell's definition (2) higher billing than David's (3b).